Written By:  John Meredith

At 325 million global members, LinkedIn is the gold standard platform for professional networking.  When used effectively it can lead to new opportunities that are both professionally uplifting and profitable.  However, the opposite can hold true if you are not strategic regarding your approach.  Commit these four all too common blunders and there is a good chance you will be discredited, deleted, forgotten about, and ignored.

Selling  Too Soon:

Come on people! Give it some time. I don’t mind hearing your spiel but take me on a few dates first. We just met and already you are trying to get me to read some long cut and paste BS sales pitch seconds after we connect? I ignore the first one, then if you do it again, you are gone. Sales is great, but I don’t want to feel used.

Hideous Browsing:

What are you hiding from? This is a networking site. Do you realize that there are billions of pictures for you to look at elsewhere? If you are clicking anonymously on profiles you are a creep and need to creep somewhere else. If you have a legitimate reason for being anonymous, log out and view the public page of your Unsub. You want people to know you looked, that’s the point of this site, TO BE SEEN!

Acting Like An Animal:





LIONS should stay in the jungle and this isn’t MySpace. It appears LIONS just connect for the sake of connecting.  They offer no value.  You are not better off just because you have a lot of “connections.” As a matter of fact, you can’t keep track of all those people you are “connections” with, especially the fake ones. Again, why are you here? Allow followers, but only connect with people you have a reason to connect with. Don’t be a part of the population virus that will turn LinkedIn into Tom’s next MySpace graveyard. Be honest, you have too many connections and now your LinkedIn life is miserably out of control.

Playing With Your Photos:

Stop changing your profile picture over and over again ladies. We know you are attractive. It is okay to change it once in a while but 2-3 times a day will cause me to delete you. Also, don’t post Facebook-esque photo memes or picture themes all day long. I already have Facebook for that. Once every couple days is okay. If all I see because of you is photos, I have to delete you, even if you are nice.

Written by

John Meredith

John Meredith

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