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See what our clients are saying about our services:

Executive & Career Coaching

I greatly appreciated the career mentoring I received. Besides having excellent skills, the Coach was a great listener, and always offered practical and thoughtful advice regarding the challenges I face. It’s nice to work with someone who so thoroughly enjoys helping others.

 Ellen K., Senior Project Manager

Their input was invaluable to me. I do have a new position and believe the clarity and counseling provided were integral to my success.

 Joe T., VP Sales

I recently worked with CareerToolboxUSA as I wanted to prepare myself for my job search. CareerToolboxUSA was fantastic and creative in online profiling and was outstanding in implementing social-media processes, and professional counseling. The process created a buzz in my LinkedIn account and exposure. My contact based increased within days to over 1,100+. I would highly recommend talking to CareerToolboxUSA about how they can help you create your personal profiling and on-line LinkedIn presence as it is essential in being recognized.

Russell M., Managing Director

I enjoyed working with CareerToolboxUSA and they provided me with a very productive LinkedIn profile. The process was efficient and I learned a lot. I suggest using them for your job search!

Murray D., CEO & President

I had the opportunity to receive from Graham a very professional and outstanding advice, verbal and written of his service; he has the knowledge and experience to connect his integrity and ideas to add value to my professional background. Graham is a great provider for any of us to take him into account to receive his technical and professional support, he possesses capabilities in communication that you can have confidence in anything he should do for you. I recommend him to you to move forward for the next challenge.

Jahiro Q., Senior Executive

Transition Services

I GOT A JOB THANKS TO YOUR GUIDANCE!!! Just wanted to send a quick note and THANK YOU for taking the time to teach me how to find a job. It took a little while but using your techniques I am now moving to MA to work as a writer! You are my employment angel and helped me when I need it most. Thank you and I am so appreciative of the skills you taught me. Hope I don’t have to use them again anytime soon (LOL) but if I do, I know I have the knowledge to make things happen. Thank You!

Serena L., Copy-Writer

Thank-you for all of your help through my job hunting process. Today I signed a contract as the President and Operating Director. Inc. Thank-you again!

 James P., President & CEO

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for your professional assistance in my current job search. I mentioned to a good friend of mine in August that I needed to get out of residential Real Estate sales. He told me about you and how you had recently helped his daughter, a college graduate; get ready to market herself in the job market. He said you had done a great job with her throughout the whole process. I hadn’t had my resume updated in seven years and I really needed some help in getting started. I called you and the process began. I liked the fact that right away you seemed to have my best interests in mind. You set up a schedule of times and task’s that needed to be done and what you expected. The resume content had changed since I last did one and you explained thoroughly why and what each change was meant to accomplish. We worked on each step one at a time and you allowed enough time in between appointments so it wasn’t stressful. It was a seamless process and when I got stuck a couple of times you helped out greatly. I am now in the middle of an intense job search and when I have questions about something, big or small; I feel I can call you for advice. I really appreciate that. I wish you continued success as you help those of us who are fortunate enough to work with you and get your astute guidance during this important time in our work lives.

Mike M., Business Owner

Thank you for your help with my job hunting process. Yours was the first number I called when I learned that my position had been eliminated. I’m glad I did. Your tested and successful approach has inspired confidence in these challenging times. Already it is producing results. I’ve capitalized so far on your values assessment, your marketing materials expertise and I’ve been introduced to your network. I especially appreciated your coaching on interview skills and have felt well prepared and comfortable in my interviews. You’ve put me well ahead of where I’d be without your services. I would recommend CareerToolboxUSA without hesitation to anyone who finds themselves in career transition.

 Larry F., Senior Director

Sue is a highly gifted career management consultant. She has brought keen insights into managing life and work transitions and is an excellent facilitator. She is personally engaging, fun, and creative. I recommend Sue to anyone who is looking to grow their career or work through a career transition.

Senior Management ConsultantTransition Services

The CareerToolboxUSA Career Coach is innovative, and reliable. He displayed genuine interest in my career search goals. He is very inspiring and personable to work with. I recommend CareerToolboxUSA without reservation. I look forward to working with CareerToolboxUSA in future endeavors.

Yvonne T., Educator

My Career Coach is very detail oriented and wants to set up his clients for success. I very much appreciate his straight forward approach and he has a done a wonderful job re-crafting my resume and marketing my profile on LinkedIn. I highly recommend CareerToolboxUSA!

Allan C., Vice President of Sales

I really enjoy working with my CareerToolboxUSA Coach. They are an excellent teacher who is able to communicate instructions so that they are very understandable and easy to execute without difficulty. While I am sure CareerToolboxUSA works with a variety of different people simultaneously, the coach made me feel that I am his principal focus and he is genuinely concerned about advancing my knowledge and expertise.

Michael J., Office Manager

I have been working with CareerToolboxUSA for several weeks as I am in a search to pursue a new career opportunity. The Career Coach has been outstanding and I couldn’t give anyone a higher recommendation. They are very knowledgeable, insightful, compassionate, and positive and demonstrate the highest level of integrity. They offer great advice and have helped me to develop a comprehensive plan of action for my job search. What really makes them stand out is their accessibility and that fact that they worked with me during the entire process. They truly want their clients to succeed, and you can count on them to be available whenever you need them. I can’t imagine that I could have made a better choice.

Rile C., Regional Sales Manager

Sue understands how to leverage social media. She is patient but persistent, and she gets results. If Sue can help me become more fluent and improve my online presence, she can help anyone.

Amy S., Attorney

Outplacement Services

I worked with CareerToolboxUSA for several weeks to update my personal collateral (resume, LinkedIn profile, etc.) and have an unbiased expert to bounce ideas around. I provided several versions of (20 year old) resumes, gave them control of my online identity, and went on vacation. When I returned, I had double the number of LinkedIn contacts and a resume that I wasn’t ashamed to present. Having an unbiased expert to bounce ideas off of is an invaluable asset if you’re considering a transition. CareerToolboxUSA offers this at a very reasonable rate with results that make it a great value. I recommend the CareerToolboxUSA team should you find yourself in need of a Career Coach!

Richard B., Vice President Sales & Account Management

Resume Writing

Sue Way has deep and detailed knowledge of the Human Resources field and provides outstanding service to individuals seeking insight to their career. I strongly recommend Sue be consulted if you seek assistance with preparing the best possible resume, fine tuning your approach for an interview, or other general question relating to challenges in your career. Sue, Thanks for your great work!

Senior Recruiter

I wanted to sincerely thank you for your assistance with my resume preparation. I initially created my resume roughly ten years ago and have been steadily adding experience. Unfortunately, this approach did not provide me with much success in the job hunting process. I have ten years of solid outside sales experience matched with great success stories. I just could not understand why I wasn’t getting the response I was hoping for while job hunting. After you and I reviewed my resume, I realized that I needed to drastically change a few key parts within the resume. It is so easy to get comfortable with what you have been using for years. Having a second set of unbiased eyes, paired with your experience in reviewing resumes, has proven to be an invaluable tool for me. After your review and quite a few edits, I immediately sent the revised resume to every opportunity that was of interest to me. I even sent it to the same opportunities I sent to before and received no response. This time around was completely different. I started receiving calls within days and accepted a final offer in just three weeks. Again, thank you for your assistance in revising my resume.

 Jamie McL. Financial Services Director


As many of us that are unemployed have found, it’s not just one group that makes a difference it is many people and groups put together working as a team that helps us in our job search. It’s great to know that you have made a huge difference all over the Twin Cities at the many and many networking groups and you do on your own time and it’s not your paid job you do it for free beyond your own job and that others want others to hear what you have to say. This is awesome that you take your own time to make the difference in the lives of others. Sometimes hearing from someone else can make a huge impact and people can learn to block out the same thing heard by one person over and over. Being part of many different groups and speakers are what I’m hearing from my many connections that is making the job search difference. Thanks Graham for making the difference in my life as well as so many others.

 Kelly K.

Graham, Excellent presentation at today’s Mfg. Alliance Networking Group Meeting!

 John M.

Graham, I like you’re presentation’s focus on getting people to understand their personal value proposition – I don’t think enough job seekers take the time to know that, and I don’t think enough professional resume writers take the time to help them figure it out. The net result is that a lot of people are resorting to questionable tactics such as “dumbing down” their resume instead of “smartening up” their job search strategy.

 Karen S.

Thanks again for your great presentation at River Life Church on Tuesday morning. Although I heard it before – which I hadn’t realized until I got there, it seemed fresh and very poignant and put me on the right track. Hopefully something will come of it. Thanks Graham.

Barb M.

Thank you for your time and presentation to the Employment Alliance Job Club on Tuesday afternoon. You offered many valuable ideas to those attending, especially where to refocus our attention if things are not working. I heard from several members that ‘it was good to hear some of these points from another perspective’, and for your encouragement to try a new strategy to re-energize our job search. Personally speaking, you provide an excellent framework on the interview process, in an area where many of us are struggling. Thanks again for your valuable insights to help in our job search and get back to work faster.

 Susanne N.

The Career Coach spoke at an event put on by Advanced IT this past Wednesday. The presenter commanded the room with his unique ideas that went against the grain from the standards we have become accustomed to. When delivered with his excitement and logic, his roadway to success made everything obvious and clear. I highly recommend CareerToolboxUSA for your next speaker because their lessons, when applied, will produce success!

 David F., Technical Lead

The CareerToolboxUSA presentation was their “Back-2-Work Job Search Strategy” and it was made to 130 college students and IT Professionals at the Advance IT MN alumni association bi-monthly meeting. He opened minds with humor and analogy that the audience found easy to assimilate. The strategy he presented was clear, concise, and capable of being achieved by all. He offered a completely new way to look at a job search that engaged everyone up to the last minute, slide, and word.

Sharon B., Executive Director

A presenter from CareerToolboxUSA spoke at the Advance IT Minnesota event last night. The clear, concise message with detailed information in regards to what to specifically do to prepare yourself for the hiring process was great! His energy was contagious and he gave us information that could be applied right now no matter where a person is at in their career. I highly recommend a CareerToolboxUSA team member to help you in your career search or to speak to your group!

 Marc P., Senior Information Security Analyst

I was connected to the CareerToolboxUSA team in my role as the Managing Director of the Minneapolis Job Support Workshop, a 501(c3) organization that provides information and training to those in job transition. CareerToolbox presented to the group on “Maximizing the Effectiveness of Your Job Search Process”. They were a very engaging speaker who has a number of significant messages to deliver to those in (or contemplating) transition. Those in attendance gave him very high marks and I would not hesitate to ask him back to present.

 John W., VP, Executive Services

Graham is an energetic and informative speaker and presenter. His knowledge of current trends in the Job Search market and field were both insightful and refreshing to hear and learn about. He would be an asset to anyone needing this information presented in a thoughtful and educational manner. I highly recommend Graham to help those either in transition from one job to the next, or especially for those out of work currently and looking to get back in.

 Todd F., Owner

I attended the CareerToolbox presentation this morning “Maximizing the Effectiveness of Your Job Search” and would highly recommend it to anyone in the process of looking for a new position. The speaker provided a lot of ideas to consider and resources in the job hunt process.

 Thomas J. Financial Controller

Simply put, Graham delivers. He takes the job search maze and puts it into a simple, yet effective, framework. He gives you bite sized tips that you can put into play in your job search immediately. I highly recommend Graham to help you in your search or to speak to your group!

 Dave C., Founder


Graham – I saw your material via the Twin Cities Networking Group and was impressed by the good advice you are giving to job seekers. I focus mainly on my direct job-seeking newcomer refugee clients who need and want entry-level minimal English factory positions, but just about every day, I meet or get resumes from job-seekers with very different skills in very different situations. I would like to add you to my network and refer people who could be helped by your services to you and Back 2 Work. Thank you.

Thank you very much for taking the time to come to my class this week. I asked the students what they thought and they were unanimous that they really enjoyed your presentation and enjoyed hearing your background and experiences.

 Dr. John P.

I am so grateful for the time you gave us yesterday and offering your expertise and wisdom about the job search. Many folks thanked me afterwards saying you were “excellent”. I know how difficult it is to accept the changes that have occurred in the job process, especially those who are older. I also know there is no way around it. I appreciate the advice you gave and the recommendations you suggested. I think a few walked out of the room recommitted to their career path. I wish you success in all you do.

 Marilyn R.

Just wanted to let you know how much you are appreciated! The information you gave us on Monday at the WFC was very useful and relevant. Thanks so much for taking the time to make a difference. Hope to see you again soon.

 Fredi K.

We hired Graham to present a session called “How to have a career vs a job.” for our annual all employee conference. Graham was great to work with in preparation for the event. Responses received from attendees included “This may have been the best class I have taken.”; “Lots of great stats and good info in general.”; “Wonderful resources given, along with motivation and statistics to back up his presentation.” I personally enjoyed the session and appreciated his perspective to our employees. Two thumbs up for Graham!

 Carrie P., Assistant Vice President, Human Resources

Sue’s ability to quickly assess a situation or a customer need and then respond professionally and productively is remarkable. Rely on Sue to deliver very high quality coaching and training services – and never be disappointed. Her satisfaction scores are great and the comments from workshop participants really shows her expertise and personal touch!

Executive Coach

Graham, Thanks so much for the information! Very nice presentation. I borrowed some of your info (web sites) and linked to some of the groups on your profile.

 Bill M.

I had great feedback on your follow-on session with the group from the Manufacturing Employment Connection. BTW, I reviewed your LinkedIn profile and found it to be the right length, articulated well and enough information to help me understand the value you bring. Have a great week!

 Jim N.