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Your online brand: 9 steps to make a great first impression with a recruiter

February 17, 2016 By Matt Krumrie | Write Comment

First impressions used to be made in person, but times have changed, says Vicky Oliver, a leading career development expert and the multi-best-selling author of five books, including 301 Smart Answers to Tough Interview Questions and Live Like a Millionaire (Without Having to Be One). "Until recently, if you were in the job market, a headhunter or colleague might...more >>

Recruiting Expert: 5 Resume Blunders to Avoid

February 5, 2016 By Matt Krumrie | 2 Comments

Most job seekers cringe at the thought of writing their own resume. It's tough work, especially for those who aren't skilled writers, or who haven't kept good records of their career success. Most job seekers are timid when writing resumes - afraid to make mistakes that may eliminate them from contention for the job. To...more >>

Default vs. Customized Connection Requests

January 31, 2016 By CTBGraham1 | Write Comment

What are the best practices for growing your professional network? I recently received a question from a respected Career Coach who shared that for years they he has taught clients to personalize invitations. The Coach then observed that this no longer works because of a change in LinkedIn that restricts or eliminates the invitation. The example cited...more >>

Don’t just Redecorate your LinkedIn Profile, ELEVATE it!

January 31, 2016 By CTBGraham1 | Write Comment

Whatever the reasons for investing time developing your LinkedIn profile, it is only going to deliver a return on that investment when you start seeing the results you are planning for - not hoped for. Curious as to how effective your profile is then take a look at the hard data and these are the key metrics you should be looking...more >>

LinkedIn Profile Titles Matter!

January 11, 2016 By CTBGraham1 | Write Comment

When seeking a new opportunity, the opinions on best practices are as numerous as the number of people who you ask. The more people you ask, the more confusing things become and this is especially true when it comes to your LinkedIn title – what do I share? What you initially share is what immediately...more >>

9 Body Language Traps You Need To Avoid For a Successful Career

April 22, 2015 By Zachary Lukasiewicz | Write Comment

Whether you're an entry-level employee or a successful CEO, how you behave determines how others perceive you and also influences how they will respond to you. Chances are you already are aware of this, but when research shows that the majority of how we communicate is with nonverbal cues, it never hurts to have a...more >>

How I Got Over My Fear of Public Speaking

April 17, 2015 By Dustin McKissen | Write Comment

When I began my career I was terrified of public speaking. I would sweat. A lot. In a futile attempt to avoid sweat stains I would take a wad of toilet paper and tape it into my armpits. The end result of that would just be more sweat, and after a presentation I would have...more >>

Social Media’s Top Metric? Self-Promotion vs. Sharing

April 13, 2015 By John White | Write Comment

Lately, I've received quite a few inquiries from my network on LinkedIn asking me similar questions to the ones below: Why is my blog failing? Why are my engagement levels so low? What do I need to do to improve my effectiveness on social media? Usually these folks are getting below 100 views on their...more >>

10 Critical Building Blocks for Career Success

March 18, 2015 By Zachary Lukasiewicz | Write Comment

First, learn your industry specific skill set. For that, I cannot give you specific advice.  Then, make sure you follow the advice below to make the most out of your career.   If I happened to leave anything out (which I'm sure I did), please share them below. Related Post:  5 Things to Do Everyday to...more >>

Approach Your Job Search Like a Sales Hunter to Land Your Next Position

March 18, 2015 By Guest | Write Comment

"I called the recruiter and left a voicemail."  Okay, then what did you do? Please don’t tell me you waited for them to call you back. When they didn’t call you back, did you conclude that the job must have been a “bad fit” like all the rest? Let’s face it.  Looking for a job is...more >>