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Getting Connected On LinkedIn – Part 2

June 12, 2013 By admin | Write Comment

linkedin logoIn my last blog post I talked about getting connected on LinkedIn to someone you don’t know.  Andrea J. Stenberg (@andreastenberg) wrote the following article explaining how:—How-to-Add-Someone-You-Dont-Know-to-Your-LinkedIn-Network&id=2495715

As you continue to add connections, you will see that some of your connections have hundreds, if not thousands of their own connections.  To connect to that many people individually would take weeks or even months.  No one has that kind of time. So how did they do it? There are options – some are free, and some are not.

First, look for the title “LION” by the name on profiles.  “LION” stands for “LinkedIn Open Networker”.  These are people who believe that the more people they can connect with, the better.  It doesn’t cost anything to become a “LION” – you can simply add that title to your name.  There is an unwritten prerequisite though – you should never refuse an invitation from someone, for any reason.  You can be a “LION” without adding that wording to your name, just simply follow that same prerequisite of not refusing anyone’s invitation.  Searching for “LION” in the people search will show you both individuals and LION “groups” that you can join.  Read up on the descriptions of some of the groups.  Connecting with these groups will help you get connected to other people who are open networkers.

You can also pay a service to help you connect to thousands of people.  There are quite a few (a simple Google search will give you some), but I’m recommending / @careertoolboxus.  CareerToolboxUSA specializes in not only helping you grow your network, getting you more connected via LinkedIn and social media, but they also help you develop your own personal “brand”. Your brand is your online presence that helps others find you, get to know you, connect with you, help you find answers to questions and allow others to ask questions of you.  They are a great group of people.  Check them out!

In the old-fashioned traditional sense, it may seem strange to want to connect with people you don’t know and may not have anything in common with, but people have a lot of interesting things to say.  They share articles written by others, they may blog themselves, or they may be good connections to help you get introduced to others. Remember that when you connect with one person, you also connect with all of their connections.

If you’ve been following along so far without too much trouble, and are actually starting to develop connections on LinkedIn, I’m willing to bet you’re already way ahead of most of your co-workers.  They’re going to be so jealous…

My next blog entry will spend some time discussing connecting to groups and companies on LinkedIn, and how that can help you.  So stay tuned…

Michael J. Paulson

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