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July 2, 2013 By admin | Write Comment

Job Search: The Process

A job search can be a daunting effort. Where do I start? How do I do it? Is there someone out there who needs or wants someone like me?

To start, consider your attitude – your mental approach to the whole process. So where does it begin?

  • If you have just lost a job: Anger, feelings of rejection, fear, frustration, loss, why me? All of these feelings are natural. Don’t fight them. Go through the grief process of losing something valuable in your life. Think about lessons learned, be grateful for the opportunities you experienced. Begin to think about new possibilities.
  • If you just want to move on: What are you looking for? Have you defined for yourself what was good and what was bad about your current position? Is it the company? Is it your job tasks? Your responsibilities? Is it about advancement?

As you go through working out the emotions, don’t forget your friends and family. They can be a wonderful source of support. While you don’t want to wear them out with your woes, you can seek feedback on your thinking about your skills, development needs and what to aspire to. In some cases, you may also want to seek out a career counselor or executive coach to make sense of the “where to next” question.

OK, I have done my self-analysis and am ready to start! Now what? Dust off the old resume? Not quite so fast. Before you begin working on the new resume, stop to think about a few things:

  • What am I good at
  • What am I not good at
  • What do I want to do
  • Is it about money
  • Is it about happiness and enjoyment
  • Will I or can I relocate
  • What type of industry grabs me
  • Am I a team player or more of an individual contributor
  • Do I want to make a career change – and what does that mean

OK, now can I start the job search? Sure, here’s a checklist to get you going:

  • Develop your job search plan. Research, writing, internet, networking.
  • Do the resume. Focus on keywords in job descriptions.
  • Create a cover letter template. Fine tune for each opportunity you seek. Be concise, and say why you are the best candidate.
  • Research companies in which you have an interest.
  • Review the many internet sites posting positions.
  • Establish your social media: LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook are absolute musts these days in developing connections and doing your research. Remember that many, many jobs are never actually posted.
  • Strengthen your interview skills and techniques. Practice, practice, practice.

At the end of the day, remember that you are selling yourself. You are your own cheerleader. Humility is a great trait. Be humble, but always make sure the employer knows exactly why you are the best fit for the position, and make a convincing case that you will be a great success and a valuable add to the company!

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