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Leadership: A Pyramid Approach

June 6, 2013 By admin | Write Comment


There are lots of definitions of leadership out there, which one do you aspire to?  Let’s use the analogy of a leadership pyramid, with the focused vision at the top expanding to the broad and inclusionary values supporting that inspiration.

Some definitions:

Vision – Clearly state the purpose and goals of your business.  Identify your customers and say how you will serve them.

Values – Define how your business will operate.  Share your ethics and how your business will be run with integrity.

Empower – Give your staff the tools to accomplish goals and continuously grow and expand their capabilities.

Encourage – Accept the mistakes that will occur and use them as learning guides.  Be the chief cheerleader for your employees!

Sweet and simple, yet a powerful basis to guide your actions as a leader!

Mark Youngblood

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