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So what in the “Sam Hill” is Social Media anyway?

June 10, 2013 By admin | Write Comment
linkedin logoI grew up watching “Star Trek” – the original one, with Kirk & Spock. I remember when they put my first computer on my desk. I remember my first spreadsheet, my first email, and my first dreaded “Blue Screen of Death”. I have a decidedly ’70s sense of humor, which my family at best tolerates, and more often simply ignores. I thought it would be more fun to use all these words to describe me, rather than just simply say “I’m old”.
When I first decided I liked acounting, it was because accounting was all about numbers and making sure things added up and balanced, and you knew where and how to find everything. Accounting isn’t like that anymore, but I think most career descriptions have changed due to the evolution brought upon us by the advent of computers and the Internet.
Our marketing coordinator first brought up the term “social media” in a meeting about a year ago. She said this was how businesses were connecting with each other and with clients nowadays. Huh? What happened to the telephone? I was still in the process of mastering spell check and figuring how to get rid of spam emails. Wasn’t “social media” for the kids? Wasn’t that another name for that MySpace thing and whatever the heck FaceBook was? I was relieved to see other staff members sharing my look of befuddlement (the feeling of being “befuddled”). At least I wasn’t the only one who obviousy missed the Internet revolution train.
Our assignment was to declare our internet savvy by establishing a “profile” on something called “LinkedIn”. I thought a profile was when someone took a picture of you facing right or left – sort of like a mugshot. Our resident expert explained that the new definition for profile was kind of like an online resume – basically bragging about yourself. You list the places you went to school, worked, and the things you’re good at. Kite flying and underwater basketweaving should probably not be included, unless you found a way to make a living doing these things. If you did, you should be proud.
I was shown how to “upload” (another new term, which means copying something “up” onto that mysterious realm known as the Internet), and retyped my resume into the form supplied by LinkedIn. And now this all instantly becomes common knowledge. Oh, but wait a second young Skywalker (inserted lame “Star Wars” reference)- just because the information is out there, doesn’t mean anyone knows about it. You must magically acquire “connections”, which are other people who are already on LinkedIn. So how do you accomplish this feat? Well you will just have to wait for my next blog entry for that. Stay tuned…
Michael Paulson
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