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9 Body Language Traps You Need To Avoid For a Successful Career

April 22, 2015 By Zachary Lukasiewicz | Write Comment

Whether you're an entry-level employee or a successful CEO, how you behave determines how others perceive you and also influences how they will respond to you. Chances are you already are aware of this, but when research shows that the majority of how we communicate is with nonverbal cues, it never hurts to have a...more >>

Need a New Job? Use These Tips to Learn New Skills Fast!

March 5, 2015 By Zachary Lukasiewicz | Write Comment

"Contrary to prior belief, the key to rapid skill acquisition isn't complicated memorization techniques or mental hacks." - Josh Kaufman In fact, it's quite the opposite. Memorization is for fools, and any 'mental hack' you come across should be thoroughly validated. You can, of course, follow the continuous stream of 'life hacks' that will inevitably teach you something. Recommended for You: The...more >>

14 Personal Brand Damaging Behaviors on Social Media To Avoid

March 4, 2015 By John White | Write Comment

Your online presence via social media is critical to getting the job you would like to have. Potential employers WILL check your social media presence. Reppler, a handy site that enables you to monitor your online image across multiple sites, recently put out a survey to 300 HR professionals regarding their company's tendencies surrounding usage of...more >>

5 Things to Do Everyday to Be a Better You

February 9, 2015 By Zachary Lukasiewicz | Write Comment

By:  Zachary Lukasiewicz Use these reminders to get a boost on building a better you starting now. 1. Remember to be productive today. Once the day gets started, it can be difficult to slow down and actually focus on what you need to accomplish today. Just today I've spent a solid half hour just planning...more >>

The Best Things I Learned from my Toughest Boss

January 22, 2015 By Dustin McKissen | 2 Comments

Written By:  Dustin McKissen, CAE, CME Like many people, I once worked for someone who could be difficult. He was an entrepreneur, driven, smart, and incredibly knowledgeable in his field. He was a graduate of the school of hard knocks, and had built the organization off of his credit card and immense personal sacrifice. I...more >>

Why Every Article on LinkedIn is Good

January 19, 2015 By Elizabeth Jeanne Dehn | 6 Comments

  Written By:  Elizabeth Jeanne Dehn Have you written a comment on someone'e article posted via LinkedIn before? If so, have you stopped to consider the effort put into that article prior to calling it a 'name' or going way beyond constructive criticism to attack their professional credentials and/or experience level? If not, I wrote...more >>

5 Ways to Effectively Use Communication to Manage Your Personal Brand in the Workplace

January 12, 2015 By Whitney L. Barkley | Write Comment

    Written By:  Whitney L. Barkley The journey of developing a respectable reputation in the workplace can easily be linked to the effectiveness of your verbal, written, and non-verbal communication. Although you are taught to act with diplomacy in difficult work situations, it is easy to allow your passions or emotions override your ability...more >>

Do Employees Quit Companies or Managers?

January 7, 2015 By John White | 3 Comments

Written By:  John White Recently, I published two articles regarding corporate management strategies, and the impact they have on a company's effectiveness. The first article titled, "7 Management Traits that Will Make All Your Employees Quit," addressed how poor management can lead to a high employee turnover rate. In this article, I told the story...more >>

Prezi & Plan on Personal Branding

January 4, 2015 By Elizabeth Jeanne Dehn | 2 Comments

Written By:  Elizabeth Jeanne Dehn 6 Week Plan to utilize Social Media to create or renovate your personal brand Are you graduating soon? Is it time to reinvent your personal brand? What motivates others to create an image of you? These are questions that might be the instigator in that they make people want to...more >>

Why Successful People Don’t Want to Talk to You

December 30, 2014 By Guest | Write Comment

Written By:  Zachary Lukasiewicz Lately, I've found myself reaching out to a small, but mighty group of entrepreneurs who I look up to because of their momentum, their network, and especially their success. While I don't always get a response, I have learned a way to separate my message from the masses, and elicit some...more >>

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