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Need a New Job? Use These Tips to Learn New Skills Fast!

March 5, 2015 By Zachary Lukasiewicz | Write Comment

"Contrary to prior belief, the key to rapid skill acquisition isn't complicated memorization techniques or mental hacks." - Josh Kaufman In fact, it's quite the opposite. Memorization is for fools, and any 'mental hack' you come across should be thoroughly validated. You can, of course, follow the continuous stream of 'life hacks' that will inevitably teach you something. Recommended for You: The...more >>

5 Things to Do Everyday to Be a Better You

February 9, 2015 By Zachary Lukasiewicz | Write Comment

By:  Zachary Lukasiewicz Use these reminders to get a boost on building a better you starting now. 1. Remember to be productive today. Once the day gets started, it can be difficult to slow down and actually focus on what you need to accomplish today. Just today I've spent a solid half hour just planning...more >>

The Best Things I Learned from my Toughest Boss

January 22, 2015 By Dustin McKissen | 2 Comments

Written By:  Dustin McKissen, CAE, CME Like many people, I once worked for someone who could be difficult. He was an entrepreneur, driven, smart, and incredibly knowledgeable in his field. He was a graduate of the school of hard knocks, and had built the organization off of his credit card and immense personal sacrifice. I...more >>

I Asked for Help on LinkedIn and Got a Job Offer

January 5, 2015 By Guest | 1 Comment

Written By:  Zachary Lukasiewicz The summer after my junior year of college, I travelled to sunny San Diego, California for an internship with PayLease, a growing business that shared the same building as Chicken of the Sea overlooking the beautiful Pacific Ocean. While I had worked with the VP of Product Marketing to scope out...more >>

Prezi & Plan on Personal Branding

January 4, 2015 By Elizabeth Jeanne Dehn | 2 Comments

Written By:  Elizabeth Jeanne Dehn 6 Week Plan to utilize Social Media to create or renovate your personal brand Are you graduating soon? Is it time to reinvent your personal brand? What motivates others to create an image of you? These are questions that might be the instigator in that they make people want to...more >>

7 Signs Your Prospective Employer Has a Toxic Culture

December 22, 2014 By John White | 7 Comments

A while back, I published two articles that combined produced over 1,000,000 views, and sparked a tremendous conversation surrounding corporate cultures, management styles, and effective versus failing organizations. In case you missed them: 7 Management Traits that Will Make All Your Employees Quit and 7 Signs it is Time to Quit Your Job. In these...more >>

Ignore the Naysayers and Trolls: Go BIG on LinkedIn

December 17, 2014 By John White | 2 Comments

Before I started blogging on LinkedIn, I heard from many naysayers that discouraged me from going forward.  I heard questions like: Do you really want to put yourself out there like that? Is there any real value to blogging? What makes you think anyone will want to read your articles? On one of my first articles I even heard...more >>

7 Traits of Inspirational Leaders

December 12, 2014 By John White | Write Comment

A while back, I published an article titled, "7 Management Traits That Will Make All Your Employees Quit." Now it is time to look at the other side of the coin. The previous column sparked a tremendous conversation surrounding leadership. Several commentators made the point that they don't think bad leaders are capable of change....more >>

Don’t Call Me Your Boss!

December 10, 2014 By Guest | Write Comment

  Written By:  Andrew Books Is this scene familiar? So you're at some event for work....a party, a company picnic perhaps, or maybe you're lucky enough to be at the office at just the right time and place. Maybe you're enjoying lunch at the cafe downstairs from the office when one of your associates happens...more >>

Use These 12 LinkedIn Content Marketing Strategies to Standout From the Crowd

December 7, 2014 By John White | 6 Comments

LinkedIn is an amazing tool for business social networking. Many people are using LinkedIn effectively to expand their sphere of influence and create new career opportunities. Others are getting lost in the huge crowd of 315 million users. So, how do you make yourself standout? I recommend implementing an effective content strategy. Here are 12...more >>

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