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Your Career Path — Venture Beyond The Glass Fish Tank

June 18, 2013 By admin | Write Comment

Just over ten years ago, Finding Nemo, a film about a little orange clownfish and his worried dad’s trans-Pacific journey to rescue him hit movie theaters to rave reviews.  The story is filled with symbolism regarding aspects of our everyday lives and a father’s concern for his child.

Finding Nemo taught a generation to “Just keep swimming!” This is sage advice when times get rough in the current job market.

If you’ve ever lived outside of your home city or country, you may have a slightly different perspective than someone who has spent his or her entire life in the same country, city or house.  On the other hand, if you have lived abroad or elsewhere, then you will better understand my perspective on why a “house” is not a “home.”

Much like Nemo, I’ve been curious my entire life.  That DNA or pre-wiring generates a spark of curiosity that ignites into a flame.  As the flame grows larger, a sense of wonder, and even restlessness, about the world develops.  At that point, one may seek to move beyond the world in which he or she has been raised and venture out into the deep blue sea.

Family and friends may feel that the person is lost whereas the individual may feel very much at “home” by exploring other places.  One may be asked, “Why don’t you settle down in a nice house here?”  As with most journeys, some will admire your courage and sense of adventure while others will cringe at the idea of leaving their own comfort zone and floundering out at sea.  What is your DNA? How are you wired?

Will you swim around is a small radius or will you move beyond the familiar, beyond the glass fish tank?  Will you seek the best position for you and your skill set regardless of where the job is located?  More importantly, will you seek to fulfill your passion or will you simply accept any job offer that comes your way?

My series of blog posts will address this theme and how it pertains to your career path.  An essential question to ask yourself is “How will you adjust your perspective and leave your comfort zone in order to find the right position in the current job market?”

“Just keep swimming!”

Dawn Kristy

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