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Your Job Search is Not about You – Interviewing

September 26, 2013 By admin | Write Comment

image_about10In a previous post, I talked about how networking is Not about You. Interviewing is similar, in a different setting. Your goal is to build friendly relationships and show genuine interest in all those you encounter. This makes you memorable. Ask about challenges they face. Promote your skills and abilities in the context of helping to resolve problems. Demonstrating the ability to communicate effectively and work easily with others is highly desirable. You’ll discover the most talented don’t always get hired. Offers go to talented people perceived as fitting in and enjoyable to work with on a daily basis. Interviewing is Not about You.

Assessment tools are always beneficial to prepare for interviewing. Assessment results deliver information on values, skills and abilities, personality traits, interests and more. Review your results with a professional. This will provide insight and awareness regarding the types of organizations to target – where your strengths can make a contribution. Assessments are Not about You.

In search correspondence, something seemingly inconsequential is relevant. Limit the use of “I” as much as possible. In lieu of beginning a letter or email with, “I want to thank you”, why not, “Thank you for your…” Reducing the use of “I” differentiates you in the mind of the reader. Correspondence is Not about You!

These examples were meant to illustrate how Your Search is Not about You. Make your job search about the people you meet, their perceptions, and fulfilling the needs of companies. By approaching your search with this mindset, you’ll likely experience more control, value even the small successes, and have a new awareness.

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