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Want to make the most of your career? Learn your industry specific skill set first. For that, I cannot give you specific advice. Then, make sure you follow this advice:

Learn to tell your story

Everyone enjoys an intriguing and captivating story. Armed with the ability to tell stories, your opportunities are endless. Learn to mine your life for those golden insights that touch the hearts of others.

Learn to write

Writing doesn’t always happen when you pick up pen and paper. Figure out how you prefer to share information with the world and take that medium by storm. It doesn’t matter if it’s through video, podcast, or a long-form blog post.

Learn to edit

Cut out everything that doesn’t take you—and your audience—to your end goal. “There are no great writers, only great editors.”

Learn to ask the questions no one else is asking

Henry Ford said, “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have told me a faster horse.” So many questions are asked every day, but who is asking the ones that no one else is? That takes creativity!

Learn to command an intelligent conversation

Bottom line: you need critical thinking and the ability to interact on a level that transcends menial day-to-day conversation to get ahead.

Learn to access your emotions

Humans, by nature, are emotional. Seek meaning to your life and dedicate your remaining hours, days, and years to that meaning. Your career will thrive like you never imagined.

Learn to plan your day

Just being busy does not lead to a life of success and passion. Create a plan that makes sense for you and follow it.

Learn to observe

Teach yourself to recognize trends. Notice how people act and interact. Apply what you learn in your own life to give strength to your message.

Learn to be strategic

You’ll reach the top of your industry if you can do this. To learn the best practices, look towards your current idols, for they would not have found success without proper strategy.

Learn to dance, sing, and laugh

In the end, your career should not be the focus of your life. Your focus and your legacy shouldn’t come from what you did from 8-5 each day, but from how you spent your hours outside the office. Find your passion, follow it, and share it.


Beth Kelzer
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