"LinkedIn In 30 Minutes" – Book review

linkedin logoTo learn about blogging I have been cramming my brain full of everything I can read.  One fact keeps coming through loud and clear:  nothing about the professional /corporate world will ever be as it used to be.  Work hours, workplaces, work descriptions, and work tools are all different.  We can fight it, but we will inevitably lose.  The baby boomers and traditionalists are retiring, and the millennials are taking over.  Either jump on the train and hang on, or get left in the dust.  Since (in my opinion) “retirement” has now become something of a pipe dream achievable only by the rich, famous, or lottery winners, I have decided that I need to jump on and hang on to the train.
Up to this point, I have been blogging about my experiences in developing a “Social Media” presence (probably the fastest train out there).  My focus has been LinkedIn.  Whatever I post first goes to LinkedIn, and then it is copied to Google+ and to Twitter.  Google+ and Twitter allow you to post articles and read posts from others, but they do not give you the ability to actually interact with other professionals the way that LinkedIn does.  If you wish to truly “network” with other professionals in your field, LinkedIn is the best place to focus your activities.
I have found an inexpensive wealth of information about LinkedIn.  It comes in the form of a regular book or an ebook, and the title is “LinkedIn In 30 Minutes”  by Melanie Pinola.  The book version is $9.99 and the ebook version is $6.99.  I purchased the ebook version through itunes and downloaded it to my iPad (does it sound like I know what I’m doing?  Don’t kid yourself.  I have lots of help from millennials, who were raised with computers the way we were raised with comic books).  This 172 page book is packed with VERY easy to understand information on how to develop your LinkedIn profile, how to make connections, how to find a job, how to advance your career, and other power tips and tricks that will turn you into a LinkedIn pro.
For seven bucks, the information in this book will give you the ability to look like a social media savant.
I will continue to blog about my developing social media skills and blogging activities, but in regard to LinkedIn, I don’t think I can give you anything near what this little seven dollar wonder does.  If you have an iPad or some type of tablet device, it will always be a handy reference tool.  And believe me, you will need a handy reference tool until you get the hang of all this stuff.
Stay tuned.
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