Life and Career Success – What is it?

The Definition of Success:
I previously discussed that “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder” as it relates to being a workaholic. How does that old saying work relative to success in life or your career?
First off, it has to be your personal definition. Not that of your parents. Not that of your spouse. Not that of your friends or peers. You have to define it, and then be grateful for and revel in that success.
How do you measure success?

  • You enjoy what you are doing
  • You have a great balance between work, family and personal life
  • You are satisfied with your contributions more days than you or not
  • You look forward to getting out of bed and getting on with your day — at least, most days
  • You look at challenges as opportunities
  • You are grateful for who and what you are
  • You have no need “to keep up with the Jones’ next door
  • Wealth is not a driver
  • Position or power is not a driver
  • You get to learn a little bit every day
  • You work with energizing people
  • You have the time and inclination to travel and gain different experiences
  • You belong to a faith community
  • You can leave your mistakes behind and yet learn from them
  • You can be an inspiration to others
  • You leave a legacy
  • You have a large circle of friends
  • You find the time for the important things and people in your life

There are those who say, “You can’t have it all.” Well, who is to say that you need it all? Define what is important in your life and seek the means to achieve what is truly important to your life and pleasure and not that of your neighbor or what you see and hear from the media. Keep things – especially material things – in perspective. Enjoy life, your community, and your family!
What are your measuring sticks for your success – and happiness – in life?
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