Ignore the Naysayers and Trolls: Go BIG on LinkedIn

Before I started blogging on LinkedIn, I heard from many naysayers that discouraged me from going forward.  I heard questions like:

  • Do you really want to put yourself out there like that?
  • Is there any real value to blogging?
  • What makes you think anyone will want to read your articles?

On one of my first articles I even heard from a troll that publicly humiliated me over my writing.  This person actually had the nerve to publicly insult me over my writing skills and then try to sell me her services as an editor.  Not a good approach!  You can read the story here.

Ignore the naysayers and trolls and go BIG on LinkedIn!  Your career will thank you later!

I am truly humbled to think that I could produce content that would generate over 1,000,000 views.  Never in my wildest imagination did I think that was a possibility when I started publishing. However, that is exactly what happened a few months ago when my post, “7 Signs it is Time to Quit your Job” went viral to push me over the mark. Those of you in sales are familiar with the term “stretch goals,” which are goals that are set beyond the actual goal and are usually set so high that they are unattainable. Well, 1,000,000 views was not even my stretch goal!

So, what does it feel like to write a mega hit article on LinkedIn? The closest feeling I can think of to the flood of views, likes, shares, comments, messages, follows, profile views, connection requests, emails, leads, texts, and calls that pour in after a mega hit article is when I hit the jackpot on a slot machine in Spain. I was 17 and an exchange student, and of course too young to gamble in the USA. It was probably also against the program rules of the exchange program I was on. Whoops! Despite my Spanish host brother’s warnings not to play, and him telling me that the slot machines were a complete waste of money, I decided to put in a few coins anyway. Then to my absolute dismay, I hit the jackpot.  About $150 dollars worth Spanish Peseta (their currency prior to the Euro, and YES I did just date myself) coins came crashing out of the slot machine. DING, DING, DING, DING! Queue up the flashing lights! Suddenly, all eyes in the place were fixated on me, and I became the talk of the bar. I was the center of attention and everyone wanted to come up to me, and talk to the young American teenager that had hit the jackpot. I am happy to report that despite my very early success, I did not turn out to be a gambling addict. However, I AM addicted to writing on LinkedIn! Publishing has lead me to make business impacting connections that have brought me leads that have turned into closed deals. Due to the exposure from publishing and sharing relevant content people now want to talk to ME.  How will going BIG on LinkedIn benefit your career? Everybody’s experience will be different.

However, here are five universal positive outcomes that you can count on from going big on LinkedIn:

  1. Your professional network will grow substantially from new connection requests and followers.
  2. Your profile views and visibility will increase within your network making.
  3. You will become known as a thought leader within your industry, and seen as a go to resource for your clients.  People will begin to seek you out for your expertise.
  4. Recruiters will notice you and contact you with more frequency about career opportunities.
  5. You will generate more exposure and leads for your company due to the increased traffic to your profile.

I decided to ignore the naysayers, and jumped in head first. I suggest you do the same! Take advantage of the wonderful opportunity LinkedIn has provided, and start putting out some great content for the world to see. Each professional has valuable information and experiences that they can share regarding their career that can make an impact on others. LinkedIn has opened the door. Will you run through it?

About the Author: John White is the Social Media Marketing Director at Career Toolbox USA and Social Business Strategies, a proud dad, MBA candidate, digital enthusiast, marketing expert, and influential blogger.

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    Great points thank you!

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    Beverly: thank you so much for reading. Please do stay in touch with us and reach out if you ever need help with your personal branding.

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