Why Every Article on LinkedIn is Good

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Have you written a comment on someone’e article posted via LinkedIn before? If so, have you stopped to consider the effort put into that article prior to calling it a ‘name’ or going way beyond constructive criticism to attack their professional credentials and/or experience level? If not, I wrote this article for YOU, mostly. I also hope my words inspire and fuel writers to take the stage because they have the right to write.
I offer three reasons that every article on LinkedIn is good:

Writing is good. It is good for the person writing. It is also good for anyone who enjoys reading it. If you beg to differ, please first visit this web page (which also has great tips on writing skills.)

Read this article for more tips on writing.

Professionally networking via shared writing and experiences will aid in the growth for all via LinkedIn (thanks by the way!) Growth is good, no?

Did you consider your comments could stunt that growth for another professional? Please read how important LinkedIn is for professionals at:
How employers View Your Online Presence
This is the biggest one…..

people are trying to have their voice heard and that is so good.

In a world where no one has their own consistent stage, and in many cases we are forced to use technology to communicate professionally. Isn’t it good to read a unique perspective or hear the other side?
What will our world be if there is no place to professionally and comfortably speak your mind?

So, you wonder who I am and what I do, great! The point of this post is not to draw attention to me. There are two groups of people that need to take professional notice to this post:

#1 – The Haters: You know who you are and you have been looking for a typo this entire time. I hope you find it and you can move on to finding fault elsewhere. But first, I am honestly curious, Have you ever tried to agree with someone you didn’t believe or trust? Its a life-changing experience. Please consider someone’s heart exposed prior to posting a comment because when you publish your own words that is what it feels like. Please at least see the link below for constructive critique techniques if you don’t plan on reading any further. Lastly, if you demean a writer via a comment, beware… If I find your comment I will likely defend the writer even if I don’t agree with their post. It is their right to write and professionally respectful to refrain from replying with demeaning or degrading comments.

#2 – The Writers/Publishers: Keep being you. Obviously LinkedIn is a professional networking platform and I feel that within that spectrum there is all the room in the world for your experiences (PG) and your feelings relating to professional environment, culture, or any other pertinent topic for that matter. I have been so impressed with the effort and thought put into articles on this site that I look forward to what YOU publish on LinkedIn every day. The creativity and real-life examples can only come from you. If you run into a comment on your post that is difficult to swallow, find a way to agree with them or at least thank them for their feedback, it will make the situation better. Turning the other cheek breeds a different view for all.

If you read my article this far it means I got up the nerve to publish for the first time on LinkedIn and I want to personally thank you for reading this. 

I strongly advise constructive criticism, in fact I worship it. There is a professional way to go about this that does not include demeaning the writer. If you are unsure about how to word things in this manner, See this article:
How to criticize others

This constructive feedback is a gold mine for growth. Therefore, I look forward to your comments. Every single one.

Give others the ‘Thumbs Up’ because writing is good.

Elizabeth Dehn
Elizabeth is an engaging professional communications and digital marketing specialist, focused on altrocentrism and sustainability.

‘Attracting a network of professionals and organizations with similar plights to connect them for further good.’

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    Shenoy U.K.
    Posted January 20, 2015 6:11 am 0Likes

    Ms. Elizabeth Dehn, these are exactly my thoughts on the subject. Of course, I have not yet penned it or voiced it. Should I consider this as plagiarism? Absolutely brilliant stuff. Thank you very much.

    • by
      Elizabeth Jeanne Dehn
      Posted January 21, 2015 2:03 pm 0Likes

      Thanks! I appreciate your support, Shenoy. I thought about and wanted to write this article months before I was actually invited to publish on LinkedIn. It is an honor to be on Careertoolbox. I am very thankful for what publishing on LinkedIn has done for me personally and professionally.
      Elizabeth Jeanne Dehn

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    Posted January 20, 2015 8:51 am 0Likes

    Great Post Elizabeth……

    • by
      Elizabeth Jeanne Dehn
      Posted January 21, 2015 2:05 pm 0Likes

      Hi Prakashan!
      Thanks for your support. I appreciate you taking the time to comment. This is priceless fuel to my fire.
      Elizabeth Jeanne Dehn

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    Bob Kelly
    Posted January 22, 2015 8:16 pm 0Likes

    Hi Elizabeth,
    Great article. I love blogging on LinkedIn too, which I’m doing for two business ventures. The blogs essentially replace a custom website, which probably wouldn’t get as much attention.
    I would just add to the point about employers looking at your online profile that potential customers and business partners do it too. Essentially, everybody looks at your online profile (your mother?, your spouse?).
    Keep on blogging!

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    Posted January 23, 2015 10:27 am 0Likes

    I think therefore I can write. So many people are afraid to speak up. It is hard to put yourself out there for fear of some of the not so nice comments some people leave. Thank you for helping us see past that fear.

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