[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Your online presence via social media is critical to getting the job you would like to have. Potential employers WILL check your social media presence. Reppler, a handy site that enables you to monitor your online image across multiple sites, recently put out a survey to 300 HR professionals regarding their company’s tendencies surrounding usage of social media to screen job applications. Here are four key takeaways from the survey that all potential job seekers should be aware of:

1) 91% of respondents indicated they screen a candidates social media sites during the hiring process.

2) 76% check Facebook, 53% check Twitter, and 48% check LinkedIn.

3) 69% have rejected an applicant due to a poor online presence or discovering unbecoming behavior on social media.

4) 70% have hired a candidate based an impressive online presence and personal brand.

Yes, freedom of speech still exists online. However, so does an employer’s right to access public information on the internet to screen job applicants to make sure they are a good fit for the values of the company. If you are exhibiting any of the counter productive behaviors below on social media, you very well may be costing yourself the career advancement opportunity you have been working hard to obtain!

Clearly, some people still lack an understanding of how their online presence effects their career.  Here are 13 behaviors I have personally witnessed on social media that are likely to have long lasting effects to a candidates’ personal brand, and chances of getting a the job they want.

1) Photos of yourself looking intoxicated.

2) Posting false career info to LinkedIn.

3) Expressing radical political views or engaging in heated exchanges regularly.

4) Using curse words or offensive language in posts.

5) Posting violent imagery.

6) Posts about how much you hate your job.

7) Reference illegal behavior, or worse post photos of yourself doing something illegal.

8) Repeated poor spelling and bad use of grammar.

9) Your posts show a pattern of high drama in your personal life.

10) Make a racial slur in a post.

11) Show signs that you may be an online bully, stalker, or troll.

12) Send out nude photos of yourself.  Sexting over social media will come back to haunt you.

13) Show patterns of excessive use of social media for personal usage during business hours.

14) There are patterns within your post history that show you might be a spammer.
Are there any career damaging actions on social media that you have seen that you would add to my list?

Feel to chime in below….

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About the Author:  is the Social Media Marketing Director at Social Business Strategies and CareerToolBox USA, a proud dad, MBA candidate, influential blogger, and creator of viral content. Please visit my profile to connect with me on LinkedIn and on Twitter @juanblanco76.