Don’t just Redecorate your LinkedIn Profile, ELEVATE it!

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Whatever the reasons for investing time developing your LinkedIn profile, it is only going to deliver a return on that investment when you start seeing the results you are planning for – not hoped for.
Curious as to how effective your profile is then take a look at the hard data and these are the key metrics you should be looking at:

  • What is your profile strength?
  • How many connections do you have?
  • How many VIEWS do you have on your profile?
  • Where do you RANK within your network? Amongst “Professionals like you”?

Note: the “Professionals like you” metric is only available to Premium members; however, there is no need to pay to see that metric if your connections are low, VIEWS less than 200 in any 90-day period and you are not ranking in the top 1% of your connections. It will simply confirm that fact that you are not showing up very much on your audience’s radar.

When you take a look at your metrics does it look something like this example? This is a pretty typical scenario for the vast majority of LinkedIn profiles.
2016-01-27 (3)

Versus what is possible:
2016-01-29 (6)

Can you tell when this person did something differently and elevated their profile?
Unfortunately, there is no silver bullet to getting results like this, it’s simply a case of doing little things well consistently over time. Here are the three little things you can do:

  1. What 10 words would you want a person to remember about you after a job interview or sales call, are those words in your profile?
  2. Look at the keywords in the job description or RFP you are going for, are those words there?
  3. Update your profile with the keywords and skills that you want to be known for.

Tip: Print off your profile and take a highlighting pen to it!

To get the sort of results shown in the example above, it typically takes a couple of weeks build and optimize a profile (rather like building and fine-tuning a car engine).  To generate elevated levels of activity takes no more than another 30 to 60 days in order to see 1,000+ NEW connections and 1,000+ VIEWS per month.
Remember that LinkedIn is just a tool, the fact that you own the tool won’t deliver you the outcomes but rather it’s how you use the tool. So, how do you know how well you are using the tool?  If you are looking for a job — recruiters are calling! If you are selling a product or service — prospects are calling!
Whatever your reason for having a LinkedIn profile, if someone is looking at you then there is a chance that you are being considered for a new job opportunity, being selected as a vendor or approached by a potential new customer.
On the other hand, if you are not being looked at then you are GUARANTEED that you’re not being considered for anything!  Invest the time in now to learning how to optimize your use of this powerful social media tool and get yourself noticed, and you will reap the investment that much sooner.  Need help?  Contact us at CareerToolbox International and let professionals get your profile working for you.

By Graham Riley
Connect with Graham at @GrahamKRiley and LinkedIn

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