What is CareerBlog?

Did you know that the word career has more than one definition?

If you’ve been in the work world long enough, you’ve probably experienced both types – the noun and the verb! No matter how clear our goals, at times our careers take uncontrolled detours.

Have you kept your career on the road? Or have you found yourself in the hedge? Either way, our careers are not separate from our lives. Our choices define not just what we do during work hours, but the opportunities and options available to us – the housing, wardrobe, hobbies, and vacations we can choose from – and the opportunities we can offer our children. Our career choices affect how we contribute to the world and the legacy we leave behind.

Hopefully, this blog will inspire and assist you in your career journey, whether you are considering a career transition or aspiring to succeed in your current role. We will present different perspectives on career and information and advice on career topics from our team at CareerToolboxUSA. From how to create a resume to your resume objective statement to interview coaching, we are at your side to help!

We believe that we all undertake a career, and this career is a significant factor during our lives. We’d like to help you, not just “career” in a specified direction, but feel in control along the route.

We invite you join us!

Beth Kelzer
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