Are you "overqualified"? State your value!
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Are you hearing you are “overqualified” for the opportunities you are applying for? Consider this:

If you’ve ever heard a hiring company rejects candidates based on the candidate being too old, young, tall, short, fat, or thin versus a shortcoming in their education, training, experience, or attitude, this should raise the critical question: Do you REALLY want to work there?

However, if the interviewer really believes you are overqualified, they mean you might not be happy in the role, or the compensation is not suitable to your career level. They are simply looking to minimize the expense of staff turnover. They don’t want you to head out the door as soon as something closer to your career aspirations comes along.

But what can you do if you really are overqualified?

The biggest issue facing ALL organizations today is PROFITABILITY! Focus on the value you would deliver to an organization and how you would impact their bottom line.

It’s hard to imagine an interviewer saying, “Mr. Smith, I am afraid that you are overqualified in generating profits for your employer. You simply produce too much revenue. Plus, you are far too effective in streamlining operations and workflow to minimize costs!”

Take a fresh look at your resume. Does it clearly articulate your value in dollars and cents? Does it show how you have been instrumental in solving the profitability problem for your previous employers? If the answer is yes, you will quickly be sought out by hiring managers.

But you’ve surely helped with profitability in previous roles! If you received a salary or wage, then you contributed to profitability either via revenue generation or cost containment.

If not, then you did not have a job–you had a hobby and the money you received was a charity gift!

When your interviewer says “value,” he is considering monetary worth represented by a figure.

Now, go and look at your resume.  Be sure there a clear statement of your “value” measured in dollars.

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