Reviving Your Career after a Detour
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My parents sent me off to college, partially against my will, because that would enable me to create a career for myself—and it did! From graduation on, I earned a paycheck.

Then life intervened. My mother began to suffer from Alzheimer’s disease, and I was faced with a choice: liquidate her assets to finance nursing home care or give up my job to stay home with her. I chose the latter. I knew her time was short. I could always get another job, but I could never recover precious time with Mom. I became her 24/7 caregiver.

At first, I was able to continue my writing and consulting, but ultimately the responsibilities of Mom’s care overwhelmed me. Then, when she died, I was exhausted, in debt, and filled with grief.

Mom left this world in 2008, just as the economy tanked. The recession left the newspaper business with fewer advertisers and a smaller budget for freelance writers. I was not only bereft, but my industry was not hiring.

Today I continue to look for work in my field and to freelance. I do temp work, some of which is actually fun, and I have worked in retail, which seems like a drastic treatment for the illness. But lately I feel like I am losing ground. The stress sometimes makes me doubt myself and my career choices. I am soldiering on but the longer I look for a new job, the less confident I am.

Matthew O’Brien in his Atlantic Monthly article, “How to Save the Long-Term Unemployed,” confirms that I am not alone. He writes that long-term unemployment is very difficult to recover from. Many job seekers simply “made the mistake of losing their job at the wrong time.” Like them, I voluntarily left the workforce to address family responsibilities. And this is the effect: HR directors with big stacks of resumes can reduce the pile if they simply screen out long-term job seekers like me.

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