Career Help to Venture Beyond the Fish Tank

Finding Nemo warms hearts with sage advice for those seeking career help to find their new home:Just keep swimming!” This message is perfect when times get tough in the job market.

If you’ve ever lived outside of your home city or country, you may have a different point of view than someone who has spent their entire life in the same place. If you have lived elsewhere, you might understand my perspective.

Much like Nemo, I’ve been curious my entire life.  That spark of curiosity ignites into a flame of restlessness to explore the world beyond my small circle.  At that point, I’m ready to move beyond the world in which I was raised and venture out into the deep blue sea.

Family and friends don’t always understand. They feel I am lost when I seek new horizons. They ask, “Why don’t you settle down in a nice house here?” While some admire my sense of adventure, others cringe at the idea of leaving the comfort of home and floundering out at sea.

How are you wired? Are you only comfortable within your familiar radius? Or could you see yourself moving beyond this glass fish tank?

In other words, will you seek the best position for you and your skill set, regardless of where the job is located? And most importantly, do you seek to fulfill your passion? Or are you the type to accept any job offer that comes your way?

Ask yourself this question: How will I adjust to changes in today’s marketplace? Am I willing to leave my comfort zone to find the right position for me and my family?

Whatever the answer, remember that advice from little Nemo: just keep swimming!


Beth Kelzer
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