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I know too many business owners, non-profit managers, and young entrepreneurs who declare how useless LinkedIn is. Don’t listen to them! Here’s some advice from LinkedIn profile writing services specialists:

LinkedIn helps users find new leads, customers, funders, and business partners every single day. All you have to do is optimize your profile, grow your base, and be present on the platform. Then actively seek new leads using simple search options. Just follow these three simple steps to discover the power of LinkedIn.

Step 1 – Optimize Your Profile Summary

Thousands of employers, business development managers, and non-profit leaders use LinkedIn to find talented employees, grow their business, and find new donors or sponsors. Find out how the platform can help you. Go to your LinkedIn search box and type in the keywords that you identify with your industry sector or the customers you’re seeking to attract.

For example, if you’re interested in “international business development” or “fundraising,” type these words into the search bar. You may want to indicate the geographic area of your interest. Then look at the results. If your name did not show up on the first page, you are losing customers every day! People don’t know that you have an amazing business product or service. You are handing business over to your competition.

As for keywords, how do you make sure that your profile is optimized for your industry keywords?

Look at your profile and see of you have a clear headline indicating your areas of expertise.

My profile looks as follows: Fundraiser | Connector of People and Ideas | International Business Expert | Published Author

Think about your areas, and develop your very own trademarks, like Experienced Student Counselor or International Development Specialist. Place your differentiators right on that prime LinkedIn real estate, the headline.

Don’t forget to add your latest professional picture to your profile – this makes you a person, not a name, and people want to do business with people!

Step 2 – Use Specific Keywords Throughout Your Profile

Here comes the magic trick: In order to show up on the first page of your specific industry search, you will need to insert your keywords in each section of your Profile. So if it is “international development,” then make sure that you are adding this keyword right away, in every relevant position that you’ve held.

Are you done?

Now save it and see what happens! After I did it with my profile, I consistently began showing up on the top-5 spots of the search page in my geographic area. And I hope you will have the same results soon.

Step 3 – Build a Strong Following by Using Your Activity Box

If you are on Facebook, then you know perfectly what the status box is for. Usually people share their state of being with their Facebook friends.

On LinkedIn it is pretty similar but with one caveat – you need to try to be helpful to your contacts by placing links to useful articles and events. You can also choose to connect your updates with Twitter and Facebook, gaining more visitors for your business, with just one click. Here you also have an option to post to your LinkedIn groups and individual contacts. This provides targeted outreach to your most important contacts on LinkedIn.

Be a thoughtful content navigator. Curating content saves time for your business contacts and brings them real useful resources. By sharing insightful articles, interesting business news and inspiring quotes, you make a soft connection with your contacts and your contacts’ connection. It is amazing how much LinkedIn attention you can get from a good quote!

And that’s what the LinkedIn profile writing services specialists recommend! Try it for yourself!


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