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Skill, passion, and the ability to slash weeks and months off your job search … this is what our staff brings.

We help you tell the right story on the right platform to the right audience. With CareerToolboxUSA, you stand out from the competition from start to finish!

Our Goal

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Graham Riley, founder of CareerToolboxUSA, wants to help you take your personal brand to the next level!

Riley has led teams in almost every area of business—marketing, sales, customer service, accounting – you name it! He’s acquired a broad set of occupational skills along the way; more importantly, he’s developed a passion for spotting talent and nurturing it into full manifestation.

He knows the value each team member brings. He enables each one to play to their strengths. He’s seen how companies thrive when employees enjoy their work and feel appreciated.

First the 2002 dot-com bust, and then the housing crisis of 2008 stalled the economy. Riley was devastated to let valuable employees go in an uncertain market.

That was when he decided to help. He reached out as a volunteer in talks and workshops at churches, networking groups, and other organizations. The structured approach he developed helped thousands put their best foot forward in the marketplace.

At first, Graham focused on crafting the best resume and the most effective cover letters. When LinkedIn came on the scene in 2005, he became an early user. He blended its services with more traditional tools to aid in the job search process. Ultimately, he developed a proprietary method to help any client make the most of this easily-accessed platform.

He combined all these skills when he founded CareerToolboxUSA. Today he brings his unique ability to help any job seeker get ahead at any point in their career.


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