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Are you looking for a new career? How much effort are you putting into your job search? And in what direction? Here’s some helpful career advice to help your search.

You called the recruiter and left a voicemail. then you waited for them to call you back. If they didn’t, did you conclude that the job is a bad fit for you?

Looking for a job is rough. However, you’ve landed jobs in the past. It will just magically happen again, right? If it is meant to be, it is meant to be.

Well, if this is your attitude, you are going to be looking for a long time.

Today’s job market is super-competitive. If you don’t take a proactive—and creative—approach. you may never get that call back you are seeking.

Need a new approach? Here’s one that is proven to work: approach your job search like a true sales pro.

Salespeople are skilled at tracking down their lead. They don’t get discouraged after their prospects don’t call them back right away. If they want to get a lead, here’s what they do:

  1. Gather Intelligence about the Company. Be a private detective. Search Google for any helpful information. Check out related LinkedIn profiles. You will be surprised at how much info you gain—gold nuggets that might to your getting hired.
  2. Stalk. Follow staff posts and company updates across the internet.
  3. Bond. Throw out the rules and start thinking creatively. Get inside the heads of company employees. Learn to speak their language. Figure out what their problems are and how your specific experience, skills, and expertise can help them solve those problems. Find out how to communicate the way they do. Put yourself in their shoes.
  4. Engage. After you have determined that the company and position are what you are looking for and that you are the perfect candidate, amplify your best features. Contact them with these features up front in your profile, your posts, and your emails.
  5. Close the Deal. You have put a lot of time and effort into this relationship and now it is time to ask for a commitment. Just like a sales pro, ask for the business. Close the deal!

When it comes to what you offer as a candidate, if you have done it right by demonstrating your expertise and the value you can bring to the company, they just might offer you a great new job!

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