Can One Blog Post Lead to a Big New Job?
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A great article must come from a great idea. So, where do you find your next idea? Start by asking yourself what is the one thing that you can’t stop thinking about.

Max Skibinsky wrote a blog post that led to an important new job offer from a Silicon Valley firm. A graduate of Moscow State University and the founder of a dozen successful startups, the initial idea was his obsession about why startups succeed or fail. He had an idea about this drawn from a mathematical theorem called the Gödel Incompleteness Theorem. This article was the key to his success with potential employers.

It all began when he was giving a guest lecture to “educate, inspire and empower” his audience. After his talk, he realized he was on to something. One part of the lecture created the largest resonance among his audience. Why not work on this part and polish it further? he wondered. It took Max another three years to develop an entirely new lecture just based on this concept.

During the years that Max was giving the lecture on this second topic, he noticed patterns among his listeners. “Some simply could not make sense of what I was saying. However, almost half of my audience was stunned and excited.” Some of his students would say, “Your lecture blew my mind! I’m rethinking my whole startup life!”

He began receiving requests for articles or printed materials about this subject. He said, “I understood that I had no choice but to write that article.” Ultimately, over 100,000 people read the article!

If you are trying to match Max’s success in your field, come up with an idea that excites you.  Put your idea down on paper so you can see it, study it, understand it, and eventually build it. Then follow Max’s advice on writing an engaging article:

  1. Focus on your core professional skills. What makes you special? What differentiates you from all the others?
  2. Based on your expertise, find an interesting idea that will appeal to your focus audience.
  3. Do not try to please everyone. Write for those who would appreciate your content.
  4. Sharpen the angle. Dig deeper into the story. Find something unexpected.
  5. Come up with your personal interpretation. Be bold!
  6. Ruthlessly edit your draft. Leave only what matters.
  7. Don’t wait years for perfection. It will never come. Publish your article.
  8. Learn from feedback and continue to explore.

You don’t need an elegant mathematical formula to write a great article. You do need to be true to yourself and your core. Share your thoughts and ideas with the world. Put it out there and don’t count the views – just keep writing.

Just like Max Skibinsky, you might be on to something incredible!


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