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If you are in job transition, you may have heard of the “hidden job market”. Spoken of by many career/job search professionals, that refers to jobs that have not been posted, or advertised.

I would offer that it is NOT the jobs that are hidden (as recruiters and hiring organizations are acutely aware of their hiring needs) but rather it is the ideal candidates that are hidden.

For example, recruiters conduct searches on the various candidate databases that they subscribe to, i.e. LinkedIn. If a candidate’s profile does not appear in their search, then that candidate (who may indeed be the ideal candidate) simply does not show up in the search results—hence they are hidden from the opportunity.

The most important metric or indicator to understanding if you are hidden on LinkedIn is your “Appearances in Search” over the last 90 days, shown on your Home page. An effective profile will have both “Appearances in Search” and “Views” over the last 90 days in the thousands, even with the basic free service.

If a recruiter looks at your profile then they MAY reach out to you about an opportunity. If you don’t get viewed, or even appear in a search, then you are GUARANTEED that you will not be getting a call!

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