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Much of John White’s career success can be attributed to his blogging on LinkedIn. In his article, 1,000,000 Views: Thank You LinkedIn, he compared the feeling of all the emails, texts, and calls that flood in after writing a #1 hit article to hitting the jackpot on a slot machine!

Mike has been getting a lot of questions from his network regarding what happened after his experience. Some of the questions sound like this:

Well that’s great that you got all those views, likes, comments, and shares on your articles, but what are the tangible and measurable benefits to your career?

Here are Mike’s responses:

Public Speaking Engagement
I landed a public speaking engagement as a direct result from my publishing efforts. At the engagement, I met a lot of professionals within my industry who have turned into valuable business partners. They now refer me business. Most recently, one of the referrals from someone I met that night turned into the largest sale I have closed to date. Ask anyone and they will tell you—the best business is referral business.

14,000 New Global Connections
Since writing my first #1 hit on LinkedIn, I have received 11,000 new followers and made new connections with top level professionals from all over the world.

Publishing success led me to create a group of LinkedIn’s top authors: Publishers and Bloggers. Being in a group with such high-level authors has allowed me to become a much better writer.

I have made valuable connections that will serve me very well for the rest of my career. I even got the opportunity to meet world renowned LinkedIn guru, Viveka von Rosen, for coffee to discuss all things LinkedIn. Viveka is a busy professional who travels the world to give seminars on LinkedIn to large corporations. I doubt very much that she would have made time for me if I had not caught her attention with my mega hit articles.

Offers to Write Blogs for Major Media Outlets
In addition to writing on LinkedIn, I was contacted by the Boeing Corporation to be a guest blogger on their internal HR blog site. I have written several articles on on their career blog.

Personal Brand Exposure
My personal brand has literally been exposed to millions of people across the world on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. If you know of a way to generate this type of brand exposure, please tell me!

Writing a mega hit on LinkedIn gives you an instant level of clout amongst your peers. My influence has grown exponentially, and my voice is now heard by a much wider audience. It seems that people are eager to hear what I have to say. They are much more inclined to listen. Well, maybe with the exception of my 5-year daughter.

The professors in my MBA courses seem to give me instant respect. They are now asking me to share my opinions with my classmates. My classmates are curious to know what I am doing on LinkedIn, and they want to connect with me.

I have been mentioned in articles by other authors including Andrey Gidaspov: Learning from Top LinkedIn Influencers and Doug Ales: What the top 10 Viral LinkedIn Articles Have in Common

If I can create viral content and the associated career opportunities that come with it, you can too!  Are you publishing on LinkedIn? If so, did you know you can go big? If no, why not?


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