7 Signs It’s Time to Quit Your Job
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Here is the story of the day I quit a job, with some career coaching on signs that it is time for you to leave an employer.

When I left the company, for the first time in my life I didn’t give two week’s notice. Nor did I type up a thoughtful resignation letter thanking them for the opportunity. When I got to the office on the day I quit, I was both nervous and anxious. My boss was unpredictable. He had shown violent tendencies in the office and told stories about his violent past—stories designed to intimidate staff. I had no idea how he was going react to the news that I was quitting.

I made sure to get to the office before he did so I could pack and be ready to go. When he got there, I told him right away. As I expected, he became upset and irrational. He threw verbal insults my way. However, I got out without him inflicting any physical violence on me.

Leaving without giving two week’s notice is unprofessional, but the company had shown me no respect. It degraded me to the point that I honestly could not stay there a second longer. The day I quit was one of the most liberating experiences in my life. I couldn’t get out of there fast enough!

As I was leaving, I had a quick decision to make—to take the elevator or the stairs. I quickly decided to take the stairs because I could hit them running. I didn’t want to wait for the elevator! Once I got to my car and started to drive away, I felt a sense of freedom like I had never felt before!

The next few days were spent relaxing with my family and preparing to move on professionally. This is important: If you quit your job, make sure to schedule some time to relax with your loved ones before starting a new job.

I’m not advocating quitting your job. However, if you are experiencing symptoms these, it might be time to weigh your options:

1) You can’t sleep at night due to the stress and thought of having to go into work the next day. The stress and lack of sleep really began to negatively affect my health.

2) The stress from the job makes you irritable and cranky around your family and friends. I was no fun to be around during this time. This job was so stressful that it started to negatively affect relationships with my loved ones.

3) The job has zapped all the life out of you. You are tired all the time and lack the motivation you once had. This can happen when your company has no work/life balance program for employees.

4) You don’t agree with the corporate culture or the direction the company is headed. In my case, they had a high-pressure environment. We lived in constant fear of losing our jobs. The place was a revolving door.

5) Your ideas are not being heard, and your work is not valued. Many companies do a poor job of recognizing their employees for their hard work and accomplishments. They don’t have any concept of the value in saying thank you.

6) The “good old boys club” at the top has made it impossible for advancement. Nobody likes to work in a situation when there is no chance of advancement within the company. If you see a pattern of upper management hiring their friends over more qualified candidates, this is a sign that your company has a “good old boys club.”

7) You are the victim of verbal abuse, sexual harassment, or other types of illegal behavior. At the job I quit, I was bullied and verbally abused by my old boss. HR was no help and upper management turned a blind eye to it. DO NOT put up with this!

For me quitting that poisonous job was the one of the best decisions I ever made. Today, I’m in a much better place professionally. I am far less stressed. I am sleeping better, and my family likes me a lot more these days.

Why did you quit your last job? Was it because of any of the scenarios I described above? Has the grass been greener at your new job, or do you regret your decision to leave?

If so, you might be in need of career coaching to find a better place to work! The professionals at CareerToolboxUSA are ready, willing, and able to help you take the next step.


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