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Here’s a little career coaching to build a better you, starting now:

  • Remember to be productive today.

Once the day gets started, it can be difficult to slow down and actually focus on what you need to accomplish today. Just today I’ve spent a solid half hour just planning meetings for later this week. The real trick is to learn how to get into work mode and complete some of your goals for the day! Speaking of which.

  • Review your goals of the day.

As I mentioned above, it’s too easy for your day to take control of you instead of the other way around. I manage my daily goals with an app called 5 Min Journal, which allows me to share a few gratitudes, make a few intentions, and set a few goals. If you don’t have goals set up, then how will you know when you’ve accomplished anything?

  • Stay up to date on your industry.

A little bio about me: I’m a 23-year-old marketer for a Facebook game, working with an agency to create a product for business owners to better leverage LinkedIn.

If I didn’t stay up to date with industry trends and new tools available, I would be buried alive. Today, you can’t be a passive marketer, entrepreneur, or manager, or you risk missing the next opportunity that will take you, your product, or your company to the next level.

  • Use social media.

While I don’t agree that your influence can be strictly determined by the numbers, there is merit to having influence on social media. Being active and engaged on LinkedIn for 7 years has given me opportunities to speak, work, and live the lifestyle that I want. However, the most important thing to remember isn’t that I spent 7 years building a profile and a strong knowledge base of the LinkedIn platform, it’s that I continue to build that base every day.

  • Connect and reconnect to your network.

You’ve probably heard this before, but it can’t be mentioned enough. Your network is like a muscle, and atrophy will take place if you don’t stay active.

I have a few candid conversations each day with random contacts from my phone. Were they expecting the call? No way. Will they remember it? You better believe it.


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