Developing a High-Performance Work Team

What are the characteristics of an “A” Team? I have had the privilege of working with a group of people that constituted a high performance work team. The ability of that team to consistently deliver better than expected results was truly its own reward. How did we do it?

In some ways it was all so very easy: competent people planning and executing together to deliver a common mission. Isn’t it always this way? Well, maybe not. What does turn a group into high performers?

First of all, how did the group get selected? Were they just thrown together randomly? Or did someone take time to gauge the individual skills and then provide a mix?

Let’s give them a clear goal to achieve. Does the team agree on the goal? Is it really clear? If not, why not? Is the goal OK, but the how to of reaching it not so clear? How do you know?

Do the individuals listen to each other with respect and courtesy? Does everyone have a chance to have their say? Can everyone agree to the approach even if they have some misgivings? Take note how they behave if there seems to be a lot of doubt creeping in. Good teams bring their best skills to resolve the issues.

So, what next? Do the members have assigned tasks? Do they understand their parts? When is it due? What do they do if they get in trouble? Define the process, the checks and balances, and the timetable.

And, they’re off! Amazingly, everyone accomplished their tasks, the results come in, and another victory is in hand.
Well, it may seem easy, but what did it take?

  • A group of people with complementary skills
  • Ability to plan
  • Good listening
  • Agreed-upon mission and plan of execution
  • A desire to lend a helping hand
  • Trust in each other
  • The Team gets the credit

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