LinkedIn 101: Growing Your Connections
LInkedIn Connections

As you continue to add connections in LinkedIn, you will see that some of those businesspeople have hundreds—if not thousands—of their own connections. To connect to that many people individually would take a huge investment in time.

But who actually has that kind of time? How did they really do it? Here are options—some free, some not.

Firstly, never refuse an invitation from someone, for any reason. Secondly, search for groups you resonate with. These groups will help you make digital connections to other people who are open networkers.

You can also pay a service to help you connect to thousands of people. I recommend our site, / @careertoolboxus. It specializes on helping you grow your network, getting you more connected via LinkedIn and social media, and developing your own personal brand. This is how others find you, get to know you, connect with you, help you find answers to questions, and ask you questions. Check them out!

New connections can be so helpful! They share articles and blog posts. They introduce you to others.

And remember, when you meet with one person, you also meet with all of their connections!

Individuals, groups, and companies each have their own profile style. So stay tuned for more information on how they can all help your business grow.


Beth Kelzer
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