Once you’ve created your LinkedIn profile, getting connected to others is a huge part of the experience. There are different ways to do it, and you will get a variety of excellent results.

The tried and true method is to search for people you already know through LinkedIn search. The search bar is located on the top left portion of the LinkedIn home page. You can search for people, companies, or groups.

If you find someone you are looking for, click Connect. This sends a request which they can accept or decline. Depending on circumstances, you may have the option of sending a personal message about a shared interest or connection. This increases your chances of being accepted. If you don’t see this option, you can always click Message and draft some engaging language in the pop-up box.

Be aware that some people will not respond. There could be lots of reasons. Maybe they don’t check LinkedIn very often and didn’t see your invitation. Maybe they would rather speak to you in person. You don’t have to take this personally!

LinkedIn gives its members some level of privacy. If you search for someone you don’t know personally, LinkedIn may ask you how you know this person. Is this person a friend, classmate, colleague? Have you done business together? If any of these are true, chances are that you know their email address – a key ingredient for connecting to some people. LinkedIn may ask you to fill that in. If you don’t know their email address, LinkedIn might not allow you to send the invitation.

There are lots of things to discover on this site, and it’s hard to break anything. So, explore freely! And stay tuned for more info.


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