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Are you planning on starting a job search this year? If so, a little introspection can make this change a step up instead of a step from the frying pan into the fire!

Studies show that more than 70% of people leave a job because they feel under-valued. While they may feel under-valued, it is really their ability to promote and demonstrate their perceived value to a potential employer that will determine the direction they take.

From recent college graduates to C-level executives, the ability to clearly articulate what benefits an organization would gain from hiring them is the greatest challenge they face.

We can no longer afford to be modest to stand up as a viable candidate for any role. Our resume, cover letter, professional and social media profiles should clearly and succinctly state how our talents can contribute to the financial success of an organization. When we do this effectively, we differentiate ourselves from others who don’t.

Key takeaway point: Don’t leave it up to an interviewer or hiring manager to determine your value!

How are you presenting your education, training, experience, and accomplishments? Whether you are currently employed, under-employed, or in transition, it is your skill to make sure these demonstrate the OUTCOMES of your talents. Focus on the positive financial impact of those outcomes to keep you moving forward in your career or job search!

Remember that Your LinkedIn Profile = Your Value Proposition and look at your profile today. What does it say about your value?


Beth Kelzer
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