LinkedIn Profile Titles Matter!
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When seeking a new opportunity, the opinions on best practices are as numerous as the number of people who you ask. The more people you ask, the more confusing things become. This is especially true when it comes to your LinkedIn title – what do I share?

What you initially share is what immediately starts to define you. If your profile is one of many being viewed by a recruiter looking to fill a position, what is the ONE thing you want them to remember as they move on to the next profile? If the first thing they see next to your photo is “Seeking new role!” (or some variation of this) then this is what they are going to remember vs. a title appropriate for your skillset i.e. “Global Logistics Leader” or “VP, Business Development” etc.

So why is this my opinion?

  • Recruiters are looking to hire based upon skillsets vs. your availability or current work status
  • You are selling your services, same as any business looking to sell its products or services. Advertisements focus on the benefits, features and functions vs. the fact that whatever is being promoted is available to purchase. That’s already implied!
  • When the new hire is being introduced on the first day, are they being introduced as this is the new “Global Logistics Leader” or “VP, Business Development,” or that they were seeking a new opportunity?

Finally, all things being equal, recruiters prefer candidates who are currently in a position vs. in transition.

Now take a look at your title, what sort of first impression do you want to leave?

I wish you and your personal brand every success!


Beth Kelzer
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