3 Knockout Tips for Your LinkedIn Profile
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One of the biggest worries that can plague you during the job search process is, “Am I doing this right? Is there something else I should do to get where I need to go relatively quickly?” LinkedIn Profile writing services will have you start here.

You’re going to need to have a road map when it comes to social media for job search. These time-saving secrets will immediately get your profile intro in tip-top shape and make you easy to find.

Specifically, let’s transform your LinkedIn summary quickly. This 2,000-character space showcases brand Y.O.U. This summary is the 1st thing anyone on LinkedIn will see about you. It’s your 30-second commercial of sorts, and it sets the entire tone for what’s coming up in the rest of your profile. In your summary, concentrate on 3 things: who you are, what you do, and the value you bring.

Here’s why these 3 elements are important: you need to be confident about what you offer and confident in expressing it. Breaking it down to these 3 things takes some of the mystery out of the process. Done right, it will help you start off with a knockout intro.

  • Who you are: It’s perfectly acceptable to use first person point of view. Begin with “I” or “my,” because it’s as if you’re having a conversation directly with another person. For example: “My career has made me a genuine global citizen, providing leadership in Fortune 500 firms headquartered in 5 countries.”
  • What you do: You can literally begin with these words: “What I do is travel to different sites to assess their operations, identify opportunities for improvement, then drive change, typically resulting in multi-million dollar savings.”
  • The value you bring: Follow up with this key information. For example: “Under my leadership, in my role with XYZ, Inc., we were able to reduce expenses $3.1 million in just the 1st year.”

Whether you’re relatively new to LinkedIn, or just need to refresh your account, these action items will make a meaningful change in your summary today. For more helpful tips, CareerToolboxUSA provides LinkedIn Profile writing services to navigate toward that next career goal!


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