The Etiquette of LinkedIn Connections
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First things first when looking for a new career: take advantage of LinkedIn profile writing services if you really want to boost your job search.

Second, increase your network of connections on this platform. But how do you go about this? What’s good LinkedIn etiquette?

Some feel that connecting on LinkedIn for the purpose of getting close to a hiring manager is bad form. That may be true. You probably don’t want to request a connection from someone you don’t know with a message asking for the name of the hiring manager for a certain job posting.

But LinkedIn is today’s best digital platform for professionals.  And business etiquette rules apply here, just the same as in telephone or written correspondence.  Connecting via the internet may be easy, but it shouldn’t change things like common courtesy.

So, how about introducing yourself first?  Send someone from the company a connection request. Include a personal message. Introduce yourself; note something you share in common or say that you found their profile interesting. Say you would like to learn more about the company. Ask if there is someone who could give you more information. This way you are complimenting them, saying they work for an interesting company. Nothing says you’re job hunting.

This person may respond to your request with a referral to someone else in the company, or they may give you some information themselves.  Either way, you’ve started a dialog with them.  Friendly, innocent, and simple.

Even if you’re not job hunting, you should establish connections with other firms in your area that are competitors or firms that employ people who do what you do. Develop links with people in your field. Who doesn’t benefit from building this type of relationship? This is standard networking. It’s how we do business!

But before you start, be prepared with a solid LinkedIn profile that sets you apart from all the others!


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