LinkedIn Profile Writing Services: Tips for Job Search Success
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How would you like your job search to last mere short weeks, instead of months and months? It’s entirely possible when you use social media the right way. Let’s concentrate on LinkedIn profile writing services, and  three elements to put in you in the fast track for job search success!

1)  Right story. Your story is your brand, which articulates who you uniquely are, your distinct promise of value from what you do, and your professional point of view that can bring a fresh perspective to the employer. You already have a brand. Are you controlling it as your own #1 brand ambassador; or are other people telling the story of who you are?

Start with your headline—prime LinkedIn real estate—critical to marketing and advertising your brand. Align your Experience section with your headline and summary. Make sure your experience articulates outcomes: specific data, numbers, and quantifiable accomplishments.

2)  Right platform. Use LinkedIn the right way, promoting your visibility by maximizing all the platform has to offer. This is key to you spending less time searching and more time enjoying the benefits of being found.

In other words, don’t just be on social media and be passive and reactive. That’s the trap that 98% of jobseekers fall into. However, if hardly anyone knows you’re there, it’s not the job market that’s hidden – it’s you! Make sure your brand is prominent and obvious to a large, strong network of business contacts. Use all the features of the LinkedIn platform to advertise, market, and sell your online brand.

3)  Right Audience. Drive recruiter traffic to your profile. This is key to reaching big recruiters who are searching every day and hiring right now. Statistics show that 97% of recruiters use LinkedIn to find job candidates. 64% use ONLY LinkedIn. 89% of all recruiters report having hired someone through LinkedIn. To shorten your job search from months to weeks, make sure to invite recruiters to view your profile.

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