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LinkedIn can change your professional life! Its little miracles can add up to unbelievable opportunities beyond your immediate world. Maximize your LinkedIn profile and get started!


Keys to LinkedIn Publishing Platform Success: Short Interviews, Useful Content and Regular Writing

My first article did not receive much traction, but it provided me with a great lesson: focus on your audience’s interests, not your own. (My first subject, by the way, was how to make fish soup!)

For my next few tries, I sought ideas that would reach a broader audience. I interviewed prominent experts and wrote articles that yielded thousands of hits.

Short interviews or personal stories are perfect for busy people. They feature catchy headlines and useful content. The subjects aren’t famous, which makes it even better. These little gems of insight from unexpected sources touch so many hearts and minds.

My advice: Keep it short. Keep it relevant. Keep it coming!


LinkedIn Status Updates: You Can’t Overshare Helpful Content

Quotes generate the most interaction in the form of likes, comments, and shares. People want to be cheered up, inspired, and motivated. These short-form life-lessons are  great way to engage your audience.  You can even come up with your own!

Links to relevant articles in my field are popular, too.

My advice: Be a good curator. Your network will appreciate it.


LinkedIn InMail—Key to Success with Decision Makers

I can’t emphasize it enough: to get your project supported, raise funds for your non-profit, sell your product or service, or find a reliable business partner, you must reach out to decision makers! Shoot for the top, even if you need to write a letter to the Dalai Lama, the governor of your state, or top businesspeople in your industry.

How do you meet the visionaries and creative leader you admire? LinkedIn.

Just sit down at your computer, got to InMail (available for Premium users) and pen three short paragraphs: an intro, why you two should meet, and how this meeting will help both of you. This might be all that’s needed to connect with someone who can open all sorts of doors for you.

I’ve met so many remarkable people through LinkedIn this way, from CEOs of large corporations to famous speakers, philanthropists, and visionaries.

My advice: Maximize your InMail outreach capacity and aim for the top.


Meet Your Peers Whenever You Can

Opportunity comes to those who seek it.

Wherever I travel, I try to connect with people from my LinkedIn network.  If you hear that a contact is going to be in your city, take advantage of the chance to meet them!

My advice: Make it a goal to meet offline with at least one LinkedIn contact per month.


Use Your LinkedIn Presence to Help Others

We all have the power to change lives. LinkedIn can amplify your skills and talents on behalf of others. It can connect you with the incredible people you need to build grassroots awareness for a worthy cause.

My advice: Use your LinkedIn network to help someone in need.


Groups are Made for Socializing

Sadly, a good percentage of LinkedIn users are passive in the groups they join. If you are a group member:

  • Take part in discussions on a regular basis
  • Actively like peer content
  • Share articles and links to great resources with group members.

All this effort has a compound effect. In just a few months with the right strategy you will be an expert in your field and a good connector.

And believe me, both skills will add to your social capital!

My advice: Take advantage of LinkedIn profile writing services from CareerToolboxUSA. Make the most of this platform with these simple tips, then watch the miracles happen!


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