Upgrade Your Brand for a New Job
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Looking for a new job? Check what your personal brand says about you!

Remember when word-of-mouth reputation, recommendation, or referral were all we had? Well, now we all have a platform where talents, experience, education, recommendations, and reputations can be searched and viewed by anyone who takes the time to do—LinkedIn! Some believe that LinkedIn has done more to promote a professional’s personal brand than any other medium.

If you have a LinkedIn profile, then it reflects your personal brand. Good, bad, or indifferent, your profile is what people see—and you are the one who decides what sort of first impression you leave in the minds of others.

Personal branding is a process vs. an event. The HARD part of building a personal brand is the acquisition of your talent. It represents the thousands of hours you have spent on education and skill development. Compared to the hard work you have already done, you are now at the FUN part! Here’s where you must make sure you are stating your capability in an engaging way.

From recent college graduates to C-level executives, the ability to clearly articulate the value you bring to an organization is the greatest challenge facing anyone seeking to upgrade their personal brand.

We no longer live in a time where you can be modest about your talents and capabilities. Your audience has limited time and attention; you must clearly and succinctly state how your talents (education, training, experience, and accomplishments) can contribute to the financial success of an organization. When you do this effectively you start to differentiate yourself from others who don’t. Never leave anyone who has visited your profile (and actually read it) guessing about what you do and the value that you are able to deliver!

Market and present the OUTCOMES of your talents by focusing on the positive financial impact they bring. This will get attention and keep your personal brand moving forward.

Still struggling? Start by answering the question, “What three things you would want someone to walk away knowing after they have met you?” In other words, what three things would you like to be known for?

This serves as the benchmark for anything you add to your LinkedIn profile. Does it clarify, simplify, justify, or support those three things?

You only get one chance to make a first impression. There is no point in developing a world-class talent and capability if your LinkedIn profile is going to understate or downplay that capability.

Remembering that “Your LinkedIn Profile = Your Value Proposition”, ask yourself what does your profile say about your personal brand?

I wish you and your personal brand every success as you search for that best-for-you new job!


Beth Kelzer
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