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Default vs. Customized Connection Requests

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Default vs. Customized Connection Requests

Your personal brand is how other people see you as a business owner or representative of an idea, organization, or activity. Are you an expert? Are you trustworthy? What do you stand for? What ideas and images pop up as soon as someone hears your name? When you have a personal brand, people recognize and care about your name, what you’re working on, what you offer, and what you’re about.

My research and data suggest that it is far less about whether the request is generic vs. customized but it’s FAR more about who is asking and how they are presenting themselves. Since every connection request is scrutinized with the following in mind “will the addition of this person raise the quality of my professional network or not?”. If yes then there is a high likelihood of acceptance, BUT if the profile is poorly put together then even customized requests get declined.

Opinions are a challenge as more the more people you ask the more opinions you get the more confusing things become. I don’t utilize opinions I utilize the data to make changes to optimize results. Checkout the approach I use in this article We have a repeatable process that yields consistent results.

Graham Riley

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