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You have a personal brand. Let’s call it “You, Inc.” How can professional LinkedIn profile writing services help you promote it?

You, Inc. is synonymous with your reputation in so many ways. It refers to the way others see you as a professional—your capability, your subject matter expertise, etc. It is a reflection of your ideas and the organizations you work for. Are you are a genius? An expert? Trustworthy? What do you stand for? What ideas pop up when someone hears your name?

If you would like to develop your career, switch careers, or open up new job opportunities in other fields or industries, then decision makers need to be able to find, recognize, and care about your name. They need to know what you’re working on, what you offer, and what you’re all about.

How do key decision makers find out about You, Inc.? From your marketing materials, your online presence, i.e., your LinkedIn profile and posts, your resume, etc.

How effective are your current marketing materials? How well does your LinkedIn profile communicate your value, your level of capability, subject matter expertise, etc.? The answer is based upon hard data vs. someone’s opinion, even your own! The hard data consists of how many times you are viewed in 90 days, where you rank in a search, how you appear on the first page, the number of connections you have, and your profile strength.

To illustrate this point: a business person might think they were doing everything on LinkedIn that they were supposed to do and representing themselves well. The reality was that they had developed a Mercedes-Benz worth of talent, yet they were marketing themselves as a jalopy. Once their profile truly represented their talent, there was a dramatic increase in the number of new opportunities.

That’s how you bring all those wonderful benefits to your career!

Tired of doing what you have been doing over the last few years? Frustrated with the progress you have made to change your situation? If the answer is “yes” to either question, take a look at slidehow you are currently presenting your talents, capabilities and accomplishments.

Consider rebranding “You, Inc!” Check out the LinkedIn profile writing services that CareerToolboxUSA provides that can take your brand to new heights!


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