5 Resume Writing Blunders to Avoid
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Most job seekers cringe at the thought of resume writing. It’s tough work, especially for those who aren’t skilled writers or those who haven’t kept good records of their career success. Most job seekers are timid, afraid to make mistakes that may eliminate them from contention for the job. If you decide to write your own resume, here are five resume blunders to avoid:

Don’t use specific jargon that only those in your organization would understand. Use everyday language and common terms.

Don’t use inconsistent formatting. Stay consistent with verb tenses or pronoun use throughout the entire resume. Be sure to proofread for errors like these, as well as misspelling, incorrect punctuation, inconsistent alignment—all things that are visually unappealing and can turnoff a detail-oriented potential employer.

Don’t give credit to everyone on your team but you! Many resumes have language like, “Supported, Assisted, Helped…” Think about what you did independently. Employers will be impressed by your achievements; ensure you are referring to what you personally built, achieved, accomplished and delivered—not what your colleagues or boss did!

Don’t ignore the fact that employers may not know what your company does. A one-line description of the company you work for under the employer name is advised, especially if it’s less well-known. This helps the potential employer understand your industry. Never assume—educate.

Don’t have duplicate bullet points. Check for redundancy. If you think you’ve mentioned something similar in another bullet, leave it out. Each bullet should be unique. Think about everything you’ve accomplished and have a separate bullet point for each.

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