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“Reinventing” Yourself

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“Reinventing” Yourself

If you are thinking your career needs to be reinvented, here are some things to consider. Think of employers as “buyers” of our services, and realize that buyers are proactively looking to buy what they value. So as you look to reinvent yourself, how are you positioning and promoting your new services or capabilities as value? Ask yourself these three questions:

1. How is the “reinvented” you more relevant in today’s job market than the “you” you are currently offering?

2. Are the new services or talents you are planning to offer being purchased (hired) today?

3. How will the “reinvented” you be better equipped to solve bigger, more complex issues, and contribute more to the financial success of the hiring organization?

You know you are on the path to an “upgrade” when you can answer these three questions clearly and succinctly, to others.

How to answer these questions?

1. Research – look to government sponsored websites that show demand for different career areas projected into the future.

2. Ask – while you are networking, seek out people who hire and ask about the level of demand they are seeing for different skills.

3. Plan – put a plan in place to acquire the new skills needed

4. Tell – be ready to tell success stories that are related to and demonstrate your skills in, the new areas.

5. Market – upgrade your social media presence to reflect your new skills, as organizations can’t “buy” what they aren’t aware of.

Good luck on your reinvention!

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