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Linked in is a powerful professional resume! Lately, I’ve received quite a few inquiries on LinkedIn asking questions like:

Why is my blog failing?
Why are my engagement levels so low?
What do I need to do to improve my effectiveness on social media?

Usually these folks are getting below 100 views on their posts and have low engagement levels from their audience. Many times, they are good writers who produce great content. They are using good visuals throughout their posts. They are re-posting to other social media sites on a regular basis. Yet, their content is not getting viewed, shared, liked, or commented on.

One of the first things I look at is the person’s recent activity on LinkedIn and other social sites. There is almost always a disproportionate amount of self-promotion compared to the sharing of other’s content.

In social media it cannot be all about ME! In order to receive engagement, you must engage yourself. That means reading, sharing, commenting, and liking other people’s content. And sharing links to colleague’s and client’s past posts when their content is relevant can add value for your audience.

Don’t get me wrong, self-promotion is inherent to your success as a content creator, and to developing your personal brand. But self-promotion should be offset by a social sharing strategy that promotes others.

Help others first. When you share other people’s content, they will share yours. By sharing other’s blogs, posts, and photos, you are helping them become known for their area of expertise. They will no doubt return the favor to you.

Sharing other’s posts will help you get the engagement numbers you are seeking for your own posts. It may also get you publicly recognized by a thought leader when you comment on the same thread.

So, go ahead and check your own recent activity history on LinkedIn. Did you come out ahead on shares, or are you self-promoting too much? I recommend trying a ratio of 3 shares, likes or comments for every 1 self-promotional post.

My bet is that you will see a substantial increase in engagement and other social KPIs, like hits on your blog!


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