Stepping Up with LinkedIn Today

I was starting my career about when LinkedIn was just getting started. Career-wise, I took up accounting because it was all about numbers and making things add up and balance. You knew where and how to find everything. But accounting isn’t like that anymore. In fact, most career descriptions have evolved since I started out in the workplace.

Social media has evolved in the same way!

I first heard about LinkedIn as a way for businesses to connect with each other and with clients. At first I was befuddled, trying to create a LinkedIn profile and then add a photo, then creating what amounted to an online resume with all the places I went to school and where I had worked and all my skills and accomplishments.

Gradually I learned to create posts with photos, hashtags, and links. I wrote articles. I grew my skills, endorsements, and recommendations. I grew my list of connections and learned the benefits of reaching out to them.

All this may seem like common knowledge, but I don’t think that’s true. Just because this information is out there doesn’t mean everyone knows it.

LinkedIn profile writing services can make all the difference when you’re going for your next new career. Professional resume writers can help you adapt from paper to digital resumes and to position yourself like a thought leader. I highly recommend reaching out for career coaching from the experts at CareerToolboxUSA.

Step up today!


Beth Kelzer

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